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This isn’t just a job, this is our passion

What sets A Ran Music Service apart from any other DJ service? The answer is many things but above all, we don’t look at your event as just a job. We treat every occasion as a unique celebration that is of the utmost importance. You and your guests are the center of attention.

Another difference is that this industry chooses us. It began about 18 years ago when Ran Rittmiller MC-ed charitable events with organizations such as the American Cancer Society and the United Way. Because of Ran’s past experience with hosting a music video television show and being a musician for multiple national performing groups over the years, they began to ask that he also provided music for the events. It then grew to equipping them with lighting. Eventually guests and fellow volunteers were asking Ran to DJ for weddings, conventions, and other important events.

Ran is a man of high integrity that believes only the best will do. He’s invested much over the years because he is zealous about what he does. It has proven successful for him as he has received awards such as Business Man of the Year from Congress and an A+ rating from The Better Business Bureau. He is also the preferred DJ for Summit Manor Reception House in St. Paul- voted The Knot Magazine’s number one venue for wedding receptions. In addition Ran has taught classes in the art of DJing at Dunnwoody Institute. For more information, visit our awards page.

At A Ran Music Service, our event coordinator and DJ, Niki Frost, will take the time to accommodate you and make sure that every important detail is brought to light during your event. Niki is passionate about music and the wedding industry. "It's an honor to coordinate and DJ a wedding- one of the most beautiful, memorable events in life. When a client chooses us, they are inviting us to be a part of that moment. What an amazing opportunity to assist someone with celebrating!"

As a sound and lighting technician, Faylon enjoys working for the company because he is able to use his talents. Faylon has a keen ear for sound quality and creates exceptional light shows for events.

Ran Rittmiller - DJ, MC
& Sound Engineer

Niki Frost - DJ, MC,
& Event Coordinator

Faylon Rittmiller - DJ, Light,
Sound, & Equipment Manager

Lori Rittmiller-
Personal Attendant

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