Who Will Be My DJ?

May 2nd, 2018

We often times get inquiries from clients wondering who will be their selected DJ for their event. One of the unique features of A Ran Music Service is that our owner and founder, Ran Rittmiller, actively DJs. Unlike a large corporation, A Ran Music Service has a select team of DJs and is family owned and operated.

Doing so allows for your event to be personalized, lines of communication to always be open, and gives clients the comfort of knowing their exact contact person and the reassurance that we’ll be quick to respond. Instead of being assigned a random DJ that you may never have the opportunity to meet prior to event day (unless you want to be charged a ridiculous “Consultation Fee”), A Ran Music Service knows who will DJ the special occasion.  

Another difference is that clients never need to worry about how many years of experience the DJ has. All of us at A Ran Music Service have 12 years or more of professional field experience. Ran has over 20 years of experience in the DJ industry, and even more years of experience in the sound and lighting. In addition, Ran has taught classes in the art of DJing at Dunnwoody Institute.   Believe it or not, some DJ companies charge extra for experienced DJs. They rank their DJs as bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level; the more experience, the higher the price. The DJs at A Ran Music Service are all platinum level, educated in music history, experienced sound and lighting technicians, have backgrounds in communications (including proper delivery when speaking and microphone technique), and commit to never drinking, smoking, or fraternizing on the job.

We always work as a team of two or three people, and we even have a male-female team. The DJ table is never left unattended, guests and clients are always able to locate us for questions or requests, and there is never dead air unless we are asked to make an announcement. Our DJs are very interactive and engaging with guests and take pride in being able to accommodate the client in any way possible.

What sets A Ran Music Service apart from any other DJ service? The answer is many things but above all, we don’t look at your event as just a job. We treat every occasion as a unique celebration that is of the utmost importance. You and your guests are the center of attention. We are professional, reliable, and experienced.

A Ran Music Service- “When Only the Best Will Do.”