DJ Horror Stories

February 14th, 2018

One of the most frequent statements that we hear is ‘I wish we would’ve hired you guys!’ Unfortunately, not everyone in the DJ industry is in it for the right reasons and, it’s certain after hearing the following remarks, not everyone in the industry conducts themselves professionally. 

The following are REAL situations that happened to clients/guests who did NOT select A Ran Music Service. After each horror story, we have responded with how A Ran Music Service does business VERY, VERY differently!!!


  1. “We went to a wedding over the summer with a breakdancing DJ. He forced a dance circle (ok if they happen organically IMO, but not forced). After a few people awkwardly danced, he gets in the middle and starts breakdancing. No one wanted to follow that. It totally killed the vibe on the dance floor.”

At A Ran Music Service, you and your guests are the center of attention. We are there to provide entertainment and make sure that you are enjoying every moment of your event. You and your guests take the dance floor, not us.


  1. “I went to a wedding where the mic failed mid-ceremony, and the DJ didn't care at all. Nobody heard the rest of the ceremony. Then it failed again during speeches, and when the speaking MOH asked for help, he said (through HIS mic) "I'm not the problem, I'm not the one holding the mic". Awful.”


We ALWAYS arrive early to conduct a thorough sound check well before your guests arrive. This is at no additional cost to you. It’s a professional courtesy. In addition, we always have back- ups…as well as back-ups to those back-ups. We’re prepared for anything!


  1. “At my father and step-mother-in-law’s wedding, the DJ didn’t have the song for their first dance. Instead of their requested song, he played ‘Let’s Get it On’. My step-mother-in-law was so upset!”


You’re first dance should be memorable for the right reasons. You’ve obviously taken the time to select a song that speaks to you as a couple. We respect the uniqueness and sentimentality of your selection. We make sure that we have multiple copies of your specialty songs on hand during your event so it’s guaranteed that your request will be played.


  1. “I was at a wedding a few years ago and the music was so freaking loud nobody could even have a conversation. When we left my ears were ringing like I had been at a concert.”

One of our clients said it best: “The dinner music was just right and it was at the perfect volume the whole night, they played great songs and had great sound quality.” We recognize that socializing is also important during your event. We don’t mistake volume for quality.


  1. “I think the worst experience I've had with a DJ was with a budget client who hired a friend to DJ. He was a club DJ, supposedly, but had ZERO experience on a mic. And wasn't prepared for the traditional elements like bouquet/garter. Even though I printed out everyone's names for him, when he did the introductions, he messed up the names of 2 of the couple's kids AND said one of the bridal party couples twice. Then later during the garter toss/placement, he couldn't find the song they wanted, so instead of just leaving the song on that was playing already, he STOPPED THE MUSIC to look for the song they requested. The guy who caught the garter didn't want to wait anymore, so he just put the garter on the girl and walked away. It was a mess and it was completely out of my control.”


Not always do clients consider the MC portion of the event. Our MCs are very well organized, have proper microphone technique, and are comfortable with public speaking. Quote from a bride: “They did all the announcing for the dinner and dances, which we greatly appreciated and Niki did a great job speaking. I would definitely use them again in an event. Thank you for making our day special!"


  1. “The DJ had been at a softball tournament all day and was drunk and sunburnt. During the dollar dance, he gave the mic to the best man and told him to wake him when it was over, then took a nap under his DJ table.”

We adhere to high standards of professionalism. This means, we will NEVER drink, smoke, or fraternize with guests while at an event. In addition, at least one DJ will be actively tending the DJ table at all times.


  1. “People refer to my wedding DJ as ‘Crocodile Dundee’ because he came in wearing this ridiculous hat and a buttoned-down shirt that he had unbuttoned so far down that his chest was showing.”

Image DOES matter! It makes a statement of respect for the client. We do not dress in suits or tuxedos. We will be dressed in proper business attire as to demonstrate professionalism, but not to look as if we are members of the wedding party.

  1. “The wedding DJ’s computer crashed just weeks before the wedding, so he came in with a fraction of the music library that he was supposed to have.”

Computers not only often compromise sound quality, but can glitch at the drop of a hat. We use a cross-breeding of CDS as well as smart technology to insure that there aren’t any hiccups.


  1. “The DJ’s speakers started smoking during the event.”

We are professional sound technicians. Our equipment is properly monitored so it is NEVER over or underpowered. We also are vigilant in using the correct type of equipment for the size of the venue.


  1. "He ended up getting totally hammered and started making fun of my maid of honor before her speech, tried to fight one of my husband's best friends, hit on every girl who was in a serious relationship and then ended the night falling asleep on his car horn at 3:00 am... it was horrendous."

Again, golden rules of DJing: No drinking, no smoking, no fraternizing.


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