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Who Will be My DJ?

May 2nd, 2018

We often times get inquiries from clients wondering who will be their selected DJ for their event. One of the unique features of A Ran Music Service is that our owner and founder, Ran Rittmiller, actively DJs. Unlike a large corporation, A Ran Music Service has a select team of DJs and is family owned and operated.

Doing so allows for your event to be personalized, lines of communication to always be open, and gives clients the comfort of knowing their exact contact person and the reassurance that we’ll be quick to respond. Instead of being assigned a random DJ that you may never have the opportunity to meet prior to event day (unless you want to be charged a ridiculous “Consultation Fee”), A Ran Music Service knows who will DJ the special occasion. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

Nervous About Hiring a DJ?

April 3rd, 2018

A bit nervous about hiring a DJ for your next event? That is completely understandable! DJ companies have not always created the best names for themselves. There are a lot of questions to consider: Will they play a good variety of music? Will they keep the volume at a respectable level? Will they bring the proper equipment to handle the size of the venue? Will they be on time? Will they be courteous and willing to interact with the guests? Will they be willing to personalize the song list?

Here are some comments from past clients who had their reservations about hiring a DJ, but chose A Ran Music Service and we're glad that they did. CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

DJ Horror Stories

February 14th, 2018

One of the most frequent statements that we hear is 'I wish we would've hired you guys!' Unfortunately, not everyone in the DJ industry is in it for the right reasons and, it's certain after hearing the following remarks, not everyone in the industry conducts themselves professionally.

The following are REAL situations that happened to clients/guests who did NOT select A Ran Music Service. After each horror story, we have responded with how A Ran Music Service does business VERY, VERY differently!!! CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING

12 Reasons Why We're The Best

January 19th, 2018

Recently we received the following message from a potential client: "I’ve read countless reviews about how personalized your services can be. Many reviews about how this company is not just your standard DJ and how there were multiple different things done to make it special.  May I have some insight to some of the options we have or how this is done?"


Here is our reply and why we are truly the best DJ company: CLICK HERE TO CONTINUE READING