Nervous About Hiring a DJ?

April 3rd, 2018

A bit nervous about hiring a DJ for your next event? That is completely understandable! DJ companies have not always created the best names for themselves. There are a lot of questions to consider: Will they play a good variety of music? Will they keep the volume at a respectable level? Will they bring the proper equipment to handle the size of the venue? Will they be on time? Will they be courteous and willing to interact with the guests? Will they be willing to personalize the song list? Here are some comments from past clients who had their reservations about hiring a DJ, but chose A Ran Music Service and were glad that they did:

"We had the crew at A Ran Music Service DJ our wedding this past July at Summit Manor Reception House in St. Paul. The DJ was actually one of the vendors we were most nervous about because, from what we could tell, they all seemed the same (and mediocre). When we received the recommendation to try A Ran, we met with them and were immediately impressed. Beyond just knowing their stuff, they seemed to have a passion for music, a love of their job, and seemed really keen on personalizing the experience. As a plus, they have a personal relationship with Summit Manor, so they knew the rather unique venue space very well. After the first meeting, we continued to be impressed with the company (especially Niki who is the main contact). She is very responsive to emails, cares a lot about making the experience unique to you, is highly professional, and is generally just great to work with. Because the music was so important to us, we still were not 100% sure how it would go on the big day. Well, it couldn't have gone better! A Ran did both the ceremony and reception seamlessly. On top of this, they were just really on-top of making sure everything went smoothly (at one point I saw one of them cleaning up spilled drinks on the dance floor). We were incredibly impressed at how well they were able to make our wedding music fun for both of us as well as our guests when our music tastes are so different from each other and most of the guests. We highly recommend A Ran!!

Here are some benefits of going with them:

Very professional, Eager to give assistance and recommendations, Easy to work with, Unique company (They aren't some large company that will give you some random DJ. They have been doing this a long time, and you can meet with them before your wedding.), Customized to you (You won't have to hear the same songs that are at every wedding ever if you don't want to.), 3 DJs (for the price of one) will work your event, Reasonably priced and affordable, Will go above and beyond the day of your wedding."

-Erik and Martie


"A Ran Music Service is awesome. Not just in their professional performance, but in the highly personalized touches and care to detail that make your event into "The Event". We recently contracted them for our wedding and were pretty nervous about our big day. Each of them were so helpful and accommodating from the beginning consultation thru the reception finale. They do not take their jobs lightly and are always willing to jump in and help in any capacity to make certain everything is flawless. You cannot provide customer service of this caliber without truly loving what you do and caring about each individual client's needs. Large event or small, do not make a mistake and book anyone else. A Ran Music Service will exceed all of your expectations."